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Picture broken with Macbookair M1 processor

Hello, I now use a Macbookair processor M1 after Windows Server on PC. I experience something funny : periodically, at unconstant frequencies, the image disappears for a fraction of a second (black screen), Foobar being visible or not.
It seemes that the Mac system is not overloaded, 7 or 8% only being active.
Is there something in the program able to explain,or provoke, this inconvenience? Thanks for ideas or ecplanation.

Re: Picture broken with Macbookair M1 processor

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I have the same computer but it doesn't give me any problems. On the other hand, with the Mac mini, I had to switch monitors to avoid it turning off when entering power saving mode.

Re: Picture broken with Macbookair M1 processor

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I had a monitor issue with my M1 mini that turned out to be a faulty HDMI cable. It went away when I swapped to a different cable.

Maybe your Macbook Air has a faulty display cable inside? Or is this an external monitor connected by cable or dock? Since I know M1 laptops support a single external display directly, or multiple via those USB framebuffer dongles that require extra software.

Re: Picture broken with Macbookair M1 processor

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Hello, You're probably right . This issue occurs on the external TV set, connected with a 10 m HDMI cable. Moreover, I use 2 USB cables : one for connecting the hard disk containing the files (this one with a Belkin adaptor used for input sound & HDMI), the second directly from the second output with a Audioquest USB-C cable connected to a M2Tech Hiface Evo Two.
It's quite possible that there is a problem with this configuration. What do you think about  it? Thanks

Re: Picture broken with Macbookair M1 processor

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I'd try another HDMI cable. Or a shorter one.

Re: Picture broken with Macbookair M1 processor

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I'll do it. Thanks very much

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