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Help with foo_skip and query syntax

I understand it's possible to skip parts of a track by tagging the audio file appropriately, such as SKIP=0:00:00-0:01:25.

I'm not familiar with query syntax or how I go about tagging the file as such. I'm trying to make sense of this,

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Re: Help with foo_skip and query syntax

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1. Select the tracks where you want to add SKIP
2. Right-click 'Properties'
3. Select '+ add new'
4. Type 'SKIP' at 'input field name' in the column 'Name'
5. in the column 'Value' type you skip timecode

Just in case: the description of the syntax for the skip tag field can be found at preferences/components right-click on 'Skip Track', select 'About':

Can also skip parts of tracks. Tag field SKIP specifies the timecodes:
SKIP=-<time>   to skip from the beginning to <time>.
SKIP=<time>-   to skip from <time> to the next track.
SKIP=<a>-<b>   to skip from position <a> to later position <b>.
SKIP=-<a>;<b>-   to skip from start to <a> and from <b> to next track.
SKIP=<a>-<b>;<c>-<d>   to skip from <a> to <b> and from <c> to <d>.

Timecodes use format [hh:][mm:]ss[.mmm]

Query syntax not needed for this way of using foo_skip. Query syntax would  be used to skip complete tracks on the basis of a rule defined by the query syntax.
BTW, there is a specific thread for foo_skip at hydrogenaudio, see here.

Re: Help with foo_skip and query syntax

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Thanks for the quick reply, I didn't see this till now. In Skip Track options I have "Skip even manually selected tracks" checked. Skip track query: %rating% IS 1. In file properties I have a <SKIP> field and a value of "SKIP=<00:02:56>-", as I want to skip from 2m56m to the next track. The skip isn't yet working, is there something I'm doing wrong? Thank you very much for your help.


Re: Help with foo_skip and query syntax

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Instead of SKIP=<00:02:56>- or <00:02:56>- I would use just 00:02:56- (or even 2:56-) as the field value in the Skip tag field.

Re: Help with foo_skip and query syntax

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Oh, I tried letting the song play through after it not skipping if I manually select a time in the track. That's great though, thanks a lot!

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