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Automatically dither edited sections

I edited the endings of a set of tracks with fades to silence and need to reduce the bit depth back to 16-bit. Is there a tool that can apply dither only to modifed sections where there is a roundoff error, and pass the remaining samples unmodified? I can mix in noise by hand, but it is tedious to do accurately. Noise-shaping can be applied and would leave other samples "lossless" with most tools, but it is not a full dither.

Re: Automatically dither edited sections

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When i zero pad a 16 bit file to 24 bit and apply fades SoX only dithers the changed areas while dithering back to 16 bit.
I tested this with the -a option for SoX dither.
Is troll-adiposity coming from feederism?
With 24bit music you can listen to silence much louder!

Re: Automatically dither edited sections

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Great, it works.

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