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EAC - how to change view of track columns

I know there's got to be an easy solution to this. With Exact Audio Copy (EAC), how does one change the view of the track headings in the main interface?  For example with my fresh install, it shows the CD track number in the first column, Title in column two, Artist, then Composer, Lyrics, Start, and Length in each successive column.  I don't want to see Composer (column 4), Lyrics (column 5), and Start (column 6) information from the CD in the EAC interface (screenshot below). 

I thought it would be a simple procedure to right click the column and de-select as you can do in the Windows File Explorer. But, I don't see that option, or any other options to customize the view in the EAC preferences.

How in the heck do we change the view?  The EAC forum link is dead, there is no documentation to be found, and I don't see a solution in the FAQ.  Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Re: EAC - how to change view of track columns

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Not a pretty solution

Re: EAC - how to change view of track columns

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I tried that Korth, but on next startup of EAC it reverted back to the default column settings.  I will try running the program as "administrator" and see if that keeps the revisions.  Cool animation, btw.  ;)   Thanks!!

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