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Ignore non-audio files when dragging in

Currently, when you drag *a folder* into fb2k (or by context menu), it will automatically filter non-audio files, in addition to the filter you setup in "Shell integration".

However, when you drag file(s) directly into foobar2000, neither of the two works.

1) it won't automatically filter out non-audio files;
2) your "exclude file types" setting will be ignored too.

I often just alt+A to select all the files in a folder (which have audio files, images, text files, log files, etc.) and drag them into fb2k to play them. Due to this, I have to run "remove dead items" additionally every time.
I understand I can "just go up and drag the folder from there", but that's kinda tedious to have an additional step every time.

I was wondering if we can add an option to force filter out non-audio files (or enable user-defined exclude filters) even when the files instead of folder are dragging into fb2k directly.


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