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Foobar2000 controller


I'm creating this new topic, although still Foobar2000, now there is another issue that is happening for a long time.

I have installed on my Android phone, the app Foobar2000 Controller PRO version, and when I'm playing music and if I don't use the app lets say for half an hour or more, and if someone calls me, the app  won't pause the music and put it back to play after the phone call, or if I make a call, the same, because the icon of Foobar2000 is not anymore on my upper phone screen where the apps runs in 2º plan...I believe the phone disconnects the app after a while when it's on idle...

What I think is that this might have to do with Android closing the app after some idle time?

I've gone through everything and there is nothing on the phone neither on the app that I can configure the app to run "always" on 2º plan even if it's passed like one hour for ex, listening to a complete album, and someone calling the app won't pause the music because it's not on, for the first 15 min, works great an always please!

John Costa
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Re: Foobar2000 controller

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Someone? Any help please?
The World Is Sound!

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