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Topic: Not possible to "add to playlist" on folder that contains one or more subfolders (Read 80 times) previous topic - next topic
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Not possible to "add to playlist" on folder that contains one or more subfolders

Android 10, oneplus 6, fully patched. Android app, also fully up to date on play store.

It does not seem possible to add media to a playlist from a folder - if it contains one or more sub-folders/subdirectories. Upon a long press, I just get the delete and rename options (or nothing at all if I'm in the browse "internal storage" section of the UI.) Is this intentional, or am I hitting a bug? It's possible to play all tracks in the folder by simply selecting one track, but not add all of these to a playlist.

To me it seems rather trivial to have two long-press options if a subfolder was found.
  • "Add to playlist" on a folder which contains subfolders - which only adds files at the root of the selected folder
  • "Add all subdirs to playlist" which traverses the selected folder tree and all of it's subfolders/subdirectories and adds all media

I realize that sorting could be an issue that could create debate, but if this function would exist at all, I bet that would make most people quite happy and improve the usability a fair deal.

For example, imagine the structure below:

It's not possible to add the /Music/Test/ folder to a playlist at all - you'd have to add all files within Test/ manually to a playlist. If you wanted everything, you'd then need to add subdir 1,2, & 3 manually as well. It sure would be nice to be able to add only Test/ to a playlist (files A and B), or everything within Test/'s tree (files ABCDE). Expand this to hundreds of files and it becomes rather frustrating.

Another use case is an album folder with multiple CD's or bonus track folders. You can't add the top level album - only the subdirectories if they don't contain a folder.

This seems to work quite well in VLC for android, by comparison. Thoughts?

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