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Playlist Protection

Hi there.

I wonder if there is any way to prevent a particular playlist from being deleted.

I know that it is possible to restore a deleted playlist, but I mean some protection so that the playlist is not deleted even by accident.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Playlist Protection

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Yes. You need the playlist attributes plugin. See "playlist restrictions" in the component preferences page.
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Re: Playlist Protection

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hmmm... I like to use "playback follows cursor" as default...
Is this the only protection available?

Re: Playlist Protection

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hmmm... I like to use "playback follows cursor" as default...

The component does not interfere at all with the playback options.

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Re: Playlist Protection

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Thank you very much!

Re: Playlist Protection

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Very nice tip, thank you very much!

Re: Playlist Protection

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Adil, you're welcome.
If locking and ulocking Playlists is something you'll do regularly, and in case you weren't aware, you can create a toolbar button for it. Right click where the playback buttons are and select "customise buttons", or you can add a second lot of buttons somewhere else (ie on a different toolbar) if you want to. Unfortunately, you have to supply your own icons for buttons, but you'll find plenty of free icons on the internet.

Re: Playlist Protection

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Yes! Thanks, again!!  ;)

Re: Playlist Protection

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I am using as well 'Read Only' regularly, great feature! Only drawback is that I did not find a way to indicate if a playlist is in Read-only mode or not except at the status bar, which does not give an overview on the playlists shown in the playlist manager, only shows the status of the currently selected playlist. (Plus I usually like to hide the status bar...)
Anybody aware of a way to indicate the Read-only status in a playlist listing (such as foo_plorg)?

Re: Playlist Protection

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Good point! I like to hide status bar too.

Any advice/tip/syntax, in fact, will be very useful!

Re: Playlist Protection

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Thanks for foo_utils suggestion, it's a great tool.

Status bar indication of locked playlist is only available on Columns UI, it would be nice if Default user interface get that option too.
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