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Burning CDs on Burrrn through foobar2000

Hello everyone...

I have been using cdrtfe to burn CDs, through foobar2000 (component "foo_run_group") and everything works perfectly.

However, I would like to use a supposedly lighter program that only has the ability to read CD text, and then I remembered Burrrn, which is actually a lot lighter.

It turns out that, using the same syntax I had been using for cdrtfe, Burrrn does not load tracks for recording. The program opens, but completely clean.

Could anyone tell me if Burrrn is no longer compatible with Windows 10 or the latest version of foobar2000? If so, is it possible to have it automatically load the tracks for recording through foobar2000?

Re: Burning CDs on Burrrn through foobar2000

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hmmm... many issues... I'll stay with cdrtfe...
Thanks for the answer!

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