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Cue Sheet utility issue

Currently using Foobar 1.6.4 on 2 different PCs running Windows 10. Both Foobar installations are 1.6.4 with the exact same set of components installed and no updates required on either PC for the components.
1)an ISO file is on a networked NAS drive which did not come with a CUE sheet
2)I load the ISO file and 10 tracks appear with generic information. I added track titles, album, date and artist manually on all of the tracks
3)I select all tracks then use the Utility|Save as cuesheet
4)the Cue sheet is saved in the same folder as the ISO, all works fine on PC#1
5)On the second PC pointing to the exact same location. I load the cuesheet into PC#2. All metadata is populated correctly however no tracks play and I receive this error on each of the tracks: 
"Unable to open item for playback (I/O error):
"O:\Music\DTS and Quad FLAC\Artist\ LP Title [Quad]\lptitle.cue" / index: 1"
6)oddly the kbps shows but there is no numeric value prior to the kbps such as 1411kbps, not even a 0 just kbps. The codec column shows as ISO

Any suggestions would be appreciated or perhaps this is a bug with ISO files and the cuesheet utility?

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