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Micca OriGen+ / ASIO / foobar / Win7


For the life of me, I cannot set up my Micca OriGen+ to play DSD in foobar natively via ASIO. It works well via WASAPI, but I would like to make it work via ASIO. I seem to have downloaded and installed everything needed: Micca-OriGen-USB-Driver-Win-v1_2_5, ASIOProxyInstall-0.9.4, foo_input_sacd, foo_out_asio, but the only thing I have been able to get is a hardly discernible sound behind a mass of noise and hiss, and even that only with the volume knob turned up all the way.

I am on Windows 7, by the way. Help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Re: Micca OriGen+ / ASIO / foobar / Win7

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It should work, but why use ASIO when you get it to work with WASAPI?

That said ... tried ?
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Re: Micca OriGen+ / ASIO / foobar / Win7

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I don't know, but I'd be surprised if ASIO supports DSD.    DSD is probably bypassing the regular WASAPI drivers too...   

But if your using native DSD it shouldn't matter how the data gets to the DAC...

As a practical matter it there should be no difference in sound quality if it's converted to PCM before being converted to analog.

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