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Topic: Problem with process_locations_notify and update_info_async_simple (Read 280 times) previous topic - next topic
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Problem with process_locations_notify and update_info_async_simple

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# my add tracks function, in std::vector stores only remote http urls
static void add_tracks(std::vector<std::string> tracks)
pfc::list_t<const char*> p_urls;
service_ptr_t<process_locations_notify_my> p_notify = new service_impl_t<process_locations_notify_my>();

for (size_t i = 0; i < tracks.size(); i++) {

class process_locations_notify_my : public process_locations_notify {
void on_completion(const pfc::list_base_const_t<metadb_handle_ptr>& p_items)
static_api_ptr_t<playlist_manager> plm;
static_api_ptr_t<metadb_io_v2> metadb_io_api;
file_info_impl info;


info.meta_set("artist", "artist");
info.meta_set("title", "title");

pfc::list_single_ref_t<const file_info*>(&info),
core_api::get_main_window(), NULL, NULL);

plm->activeplaylist_add_items(p_items, bit_array_true());

void on_aborted() {};

When this code is running and fb2k is processing locations, i get this error:

Code: [Select]
Could not update tags (Access denied) on:

Track plays fine but seems fb2k cant fetch metadata from this track.

Re: Problem with process_locations_notify and update_info_async_simple

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ALSO: I tried to see track metadata manually, metadata is fine with artist info, album info and duration but fb2k shows "??" on artist and album field.

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