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outdoor speakers for backyard home theater

Hi, there!
Which outdoor speakers will be good for backyard home theater?
Is BOSE 151 SE a good idea?
Thank you.

Re: outdoor speakers for backyard home theater

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I guess it depends on what you expect and what you're comparing them to.   I've never heard them so I can't say.

Specifications for speakers are mostly useless so it's almost always best to listen for yourself if you're going to be picky about the sound.

From what I found it has three little 2 1/2 inch "full range" drivers so I wouldn't expect "theater sound".  ;) 

Re: outdoor speakers for backyard home theater

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Your choice of outdoor speakers ultimately comes down to how short-tempered and violent your neighbours are.

Re: outdoor speakers for backyard home theater

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I think you were right about the personal preferences of sound and about neighbors.

Re: outdoor speakers for backyard home theater

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By the way, thank you for your answer.

Re: outdoor speakers for backyard home theater

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I have not heard the 151 SEs but my son has had a pair of Bose 251's on his back porch for about ten years and they sound excellent, but they are under a roof and only indirectly exposed to weather.   When one developed a bad driver Bose replaced it for a very reasonable fee.   At the same time he also installed a pair of Bose Free Space 51's in his pool screen enclosure planters.  They are completely exposed to all sorts of weather (no snow), including hurricanes.  They too sound excellent, and the set of all four sound amazing together (bi-amped).  These are all in the same family of Bose outdoor speakers so l would expect the same level of quality from the 151 SE, but perhaps not quite as much range or volume. 

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