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Playlist view as a single dropdown?

On my previous installation of FB, before new HDD, I had all the playlists stacked in one drop down, rather than scores of tabs, stacked.

How do I set up the drop down?

Re: Playlist view as a single dropdown?

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Yeah - I'd tried to install that one before but cannot find it as an option to set up in the playlist view panel?

Something about the Column UI view as well. Are there some instructions about how to set that up?

Re: Playlist view as a single dropdown?

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The component is not for a playlist view, but for the toolbar or as standalone panel.

Re: Playlist view as a single dropdown?

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I get that too. But, if I got to edit the layout, and try to replace the standing 'Playlist View', I can't see anything in the list that resembles the dropdown?

Re: Playlist view as a single dropdown?

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You have to add a horizontal splitter to the layout for standalone panel File | Preferences | Display | Columns Ui | Layout. Very easy is Toolbar rightclick Toolbar | Toolbars |  Playlist Dropdown


Re: Playlist view as a single dropdown?

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You can right click on the toolbar of the standard GUI and select "Playlist Switcher" to add a drop down list of playlists to the toolbar. You can't re-order them from the drop down list though. If you want to re-order playlists, you have to open Playlist Manager from the View menu, or add it to the GUI somewhere.

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