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Semicolons Are Replaced by Commas when Editing Tags

When I open up tags for automatic editing, I've noticed that multi-value, semicolon-separated tags have their semicolons replaced by commas. Is there any way around this behaviour? Obviously I can use the $replace function, but that has the unwanted side-effect of replacing commas that are supposed to be there. Thanks.

Re: Semicolons Are Replaced by Commas when Editing Tags

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Semicolon, for multi-value metadata types and input in Foobar, is more akin to a "placeholder" for a separator...
Meaning an MP3 with id3 container in place of the semicolon you type, it will actually have a NUL injected, which in turn gets displayed as a comma in the main program GUI.
For Flacs/vorbis, which is a container allowing multi-value declarations, the same will trigger 2 (eg) Artists fields to be written, which then again Foobar displays as separated by comma.
Hope this helps, as this can be very confusing. Might help to look/check these in another tag editor or mediaplayer.


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