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cell phone to computer via USB

My HTC One cell phone is fairly old for a cell phone. I recently had to replace it because of network updates. Now I would like to make a different, but not uncommon use of it, but ran into a roadblock.

I obtained it used, from a friend who had just updated to a new model. The first thing I did with it was attach it to my computer with a USB cable and look at the great confusion of folders thereon. I found photos and videos still on it. Maybe my friend wanted them.

When that issue was satisfied I did a reset of the phone, eliminating all the personal data and added-on programs my friend had left in place. Eventually I put it into phone service where it worked fine for a couple years. I never had reason to look at it via computer again.

Now that it no longer useful as a phone. in order to make it useful as an audio player, I want to be able to copy (and delete) audio material via USB. Its user manual talks about doing that and indicates nothing more complicated than plugging it in via USB cable.

However, when I connect it with a USB cable what I see in Windows is just another CD-ROM drive, which asks that media be inserted if I try to look at it. The manual says nothing about settings where it speaks of USB usage and I can find nothing in the phone’s Settings menu. For my purposes this makes the device pretty useless.

Does anyone have experience that might provide insight?

Re: cell phone to computer via USB

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Are you trying to use the phone's internal memory for storage or a uSD card in the phone? I'm guessing it's Android, in which case the phone may not let the USB see the internal storage, or at least some of it - depending on version etc.

If you enable developer options, Android will allow you to access most parts of its file systems, internal and uSD. Go to settings, then "Software Information". Scroll down to "Build Number" and tap on it repeatedly until it pops up a box saying "you are now a developer" or words to that effect. Now go back up to the top level and find "Developer Options", which wasn't there before. Turn on "USB Debugging". You will now have access to most of Andriod's file system via USB, it should show up as any other USB-stick would.

Apologies if you already tried the above!

Re: cell phone to computer via USB

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Also unlock it before you insert the USB
If everything fails you, remove the SD from the phone and put it in a USB adapter and insert the adapter straight in the PC
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Re: cell phone to computer via USB

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The phone does not have a memory card connection.

From the user manual:
Connect HTC One to your computer. Your computer will recognize
it just like any removable USB drive, and you can copy your media
between them.

I don’t understand any other interpretation of the above, and various other manual entries, other than the clear language therein. Could there be any other way add or remove photos, videos, music, and such?

Anyway, switching into developer mode seems to work adequately. Much thanks.

Re: cell phone to computer via USB

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I had the same problem with an old Samsung. I tried several drivers from Samsung before one of them worked.
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Re: cell phone to computer via USB

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With my android phones, after connecting via USB I usually have to confirm a dialogue on the phone to allow file transfer. The dialogue varies between diffferent phones, but usually the phone does not show up in Explorer unless I confirm it on the phone. I once also had a cable that had a fault where the phone did not properly connect, so this might be worth checking out as well.
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