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Time of Track

For example:  You have a track that is 3 minutes and 22.49 seconds, foobar2000 will see the time of the track as 3:22, but if the time of the track is 3:22.50, foobar2000 rounds up the track time to 3:23.  So, if the track time is between 3:22.50 and 3:22.99, it will round up the time of the track to 3:23.

If the track is 3:22 long, it should show the time of the track as 3:22, even if the track is 3:22.99, and then show the track time as 3:23, when the time is 3:23.00, not 3:22.50.  The time should not change to 3:23 until the time is actually 3:23 and not at 3:22.50 through 3:22.99.  I don't know anything about programing.  Is what I'm saying make any sense?  Foobar2000 is a GREAT program.  I just love it!  But, my audio (FLAC) editor can see up to 3 digits behind the seconds of a track and some of my songs go into the upper range of a second. (above 0.5xx)

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Re: Time of Track

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It is general presumption that if you have more than .5 it is rounded up, glass half full, not empty.

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