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Can't write properties into a file

I found out that Foobar can add tags to video files too so I started using it to manage my guitar courses video files.
It even added Replay gain info to some of them, but I not to all.

I added RG info to an mkv with AVC1 video and MP3 audio
but I can't do the same to an mkv with MP4V video and MP3 video.

Replay Gain scan results window says: "Unsupported format or corrupted file",
but the files play regularly both in FB and in Pot player and the Properties page
in the properties dialog show similar values for the two video files mentioned above.

Read only property is off.

Tags info were added with no problems.

Any help, please?


Re: Can't write Replay Gain info into a file

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If possible, please change the title to: "Can't write Replay Gain info into a file".


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