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Write audio CD - but with TAGs!

Hi there!

I recorded a CD with songs (.flac) directly from the foobar2000 playlist, but when I went to listen to the CD, I realized that there was no tag on the tracks, that is, all the songs had only the name "audiotrack1", "audiotrack2", or something similar to that. All tracks in the playlist contained all the necessary information in the tags - but that information was not recorded along with the songs.

Could someone, please, teach me what I should do so that the tags of the tracks are written correctly on the CD?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Write audio CD - but with TAGs!

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Tracks on an audio CD don't have tags. The nearest thing to that would be CDtext, but most burners don't record it, and most players ignore it. Besides, it's just a short text string associated with the disc and each track.

Re: Write audio CD - but with TAGs!

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I would just like to see the correct names of songs and artists when I listen to music on car playback and other audio playback devices.

Is it not possible to achieve this by recording music through foobar2000?

Re: Write audio CD - but with TAGs!

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^^ I did get Burrrn working on my Win 10 machine not so long ago.

However, cdrtfe is great and also allows writing of CD-Text.

But as pdq says, if the playback device doesn't read/display CD-Text then it doesn't matter if you've managed to add it to the CD.

Re: Write audio CD - but with TAGs!

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ImgBurn can also write CD TEXT but as pdq already said, not all burners can write CD TEXT.

Re: Write audio CD - but with TAGs!

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Thank you all very much!

I go with cdrtfe, an amazing tool!

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