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Browse Media Server by Genre

I have my music stored on a Synology NAS. From there I want to stream to my iPad using Foobar2000 mobile.
I frequently use the "Genre" tags to search for the music I'm in the mood for. Some of the albums are tagged with multiple genres.

If I download the music files to the iPad, the genre view gives me the individual genres, followed by artist and album. That's as I expect it.
But if I access the Media Server (the NAS) and browse the server by genre view, it will give me -in case of multiple genre tags- the combination as a new genre.
Instead of
it will show

And on top, there is no sorting be artist and album, instead only all individual titles under the selected genre.

The solution obviously would be to download the music to my iPad, but that would be about 500GB, which is a little to much for the iPad.

Is there any other solution I missed?

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