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Feature request: Multichannel support

Hi all,
  Before I knew there was a foobar2000 mobile app, I wrote a quick test app to see if I can play multichannel files pulled from a foobar2000 server on iOS. It worked. However, in order to make a full app out of it will take a ton of time, so instead I'm asking if there can be multichannel support on iOS (or tvOS, please).
  The way I have my setup is I have my iPhone 11 connected to my Denon 4700 using a Lightning<->HDMI cable, but all I get with f2k is stereo. Multichannel audio works with my test app, and multichannel audio works with movies over the Apple TV app, so it SHOULD just be a question of a handful of lines of code to tell iOS how many channels you'd like to use.

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