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File Folder Location on iOS


Newbie question (I searched but didn't find any specific answer)...sorry if repeating.

Anyway, is there a way to direct the Music Library folder to the Files location on an iPhone?  I have another app that saved all the FLAC and DSD files to folders in Files.  I can see those but I can't seem to figure out how Foobar Mobile can access those.

Thanks in advance.


Re: File Folder Location on iOS

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Check under "On My iPhone" or whatever device you're using, "foobar2000". This is the same folder you get if you browse the Apps' folders under Finder, or under iTunes.

Re: File Folder Location on iOS

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Hi Kode54,

Happy New Year!  Thx for the reply but I guess I'm daft to this app.

With Files, the folders listed under On My iPhone does not show any Foobar folders.  I wanted to point the HiByMusic folder for the library as it has quite a few albums there already.

If I go to Settings, Foobar only shows these options:

While HiByMusic shows the Document Storage folder as a an available library:


Re: File Folder Location on iOS

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Then I guess you need to use iTunes to create the folder for it. Or Peter just removed it. Whatever, I have no clue.

Re: File Folder Location on iOS

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Do you know how to move those files to a PC and then move files from PC to iPhone?
Foobar will see them them if you turn on the scan button under Media Library, iPod.
 I personally use the app ‘Documents’ from the App store.
Once I have the files in the iPhone or iPad, I select the folder, I created one named music, and then tell Documents to move it to the iTunes folder. Yep cumbersome, but that’s how Apple deals.
You could also sync specific folders with iTunes app on the PC and the iPhone connected through USB.

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