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Accuraterip: Pressing offset

I need help by the interpretation:
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Track 1: AccurateRip Verified Confidence 12, Pressing Offset -12 [ARv2 CRC E32B721C]
from "Verify album with Accuraterip"
What does Pressing Offset -12 mean?

Re: Accuraterip: Pressing offset

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Pressings, for AccurateRip's purposes, are where a batch of identical audio CDs is created by the pressing plant, then another batch is created, usually at a later date, with the same data but a different offset. The offset is due to variations in the way the master discs are replicated for the pressing machinery. Apart from this offset, discs across pressings are identical; the audio data on them is exactly the same.
There is a different pressing in the database and the offset in samples.
The full line is telling you your rip matches a different pressing when the given offset is mathematically applied.

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