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Topic: EAC - FLAC command line options inconsistency between pages. (Read 342 times) previous topic - next topic
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EAC - FLAC command line options inconsistency between pages.


I came up with this topic to ask about the information placed on this page:

In which you can read:
(...) the output filename is unnecessarily included (-o %dest%), and output verification is unnecessarily enabled (-V): (...)

Then on this page:

You can actually read the following:
Note: The green portion is where you would change the compression level or add settings for the FLAC encoder. You may want to add -V in order to verify that there were no encoding errors.

Okay, so in first page, we have the counsel to not use -V in newer versions of EAC (but that you should use it with old versions). May I ask why was this ever relevant or became irrelevant?

And then, on the second page, we have the saying that I may, if I want, use anyway the -V option in FLAC command.

Can anyone help me with this understanding and which setting should I actually be using?

I am already having quite a hard time ripping secure with a iHAS Lite-On drive, which caches audio and some CDs takes up from 15 to 30 minutes to rip. (I used to have a Sony Optiarc AD-7240 S which ripped much faster in secure mode, although with a little higher offset and supposed to not be ever caching audio). Should this -V be really added just for the sake of bit checking?

Thanks a lot.

Re: EAC - FLAC command line options inconsistency between pages.

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Thanks Korth. I think the Wiki needs this reference! It all made sense when it carried on saying the problems -V can lead someone into.

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