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Help me find the perfect Headphone (for me)

I am completly lost...
I know exactly what I'm looking for I just don't know where to find it... :(

I own the ATH-AD1000x and the Beyerdynamic T1(gen2).

What i need is a Headphone that is basically a mix between the two under 2000$/€
I love the Vocals on the AD1000x but the T1 sounds better in everything else, and both of them have sibilants that hurt too much for my preference.
So I'm looking for a Headphone that is amazing for female Vocals(I mean the T1 is really good), has amazing imaging, a Soundstage similar to the T1(don't know if it is big or small),
is under 2k and has no/not painful Sibilants like the T1/AD1000x(!!!This is very important and the main reason i am looking for a new headphone). Pretty much the best of both of them(better is allowed).
I am open for recommendations and hope that someone can help me :)

Some of my Favorite Songs (Maybe this helps?):원더케이%29

I think that should be enough

Hope someone can help me :)

Re: Help me find the perfect Headphone (for me)

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With headphones the main difference in "sound quality" or "sound character" is frequency response and you can adjust that with equalization.    If you're using a software player EQ is free!!!  

I don't know where "imaging" comes from...  It can't be measured...  You can't get "3dB more soundstage" and I'm not sure it can even be defined.   Apparently different people experience it differently and maybe you get better imaging with headphone-A and someone else gets better imaging with headphone-B.     Personally, I never get the perception of a "soundstage" no matter what headphones I'm listening to.   I usually perceive the sound coming from somewhere around my forehead except for  sounds hard-panned left or right, and then I hear the sound coming directly from the headphone and basically "injected" into my ear.

And, if you're spending more than $500 USD on a pair of headphones you really shouldn't be taking advice from anybody...   Opinions and preferences vary so you need to go to a hi-fi store and listen for yourself.    Even if you're not spending that kind of money it's best to listen for yourself and check the comfort for yourself, etc.   

A million years ago I wanted to upgrade my headphones but when I went to the store, the ones I listened to didn't sound as good as what I already had!   (And the ones I had  weren't especially expensive...  They eventually died and I had to replace them.)

IMO - You can get some excellent headphones for a couple of hundred dollars and in a "blind" listening test where you didn't know the brand of the cost, you might actually prefer a more affordable pair...

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