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not compatible with network update

This is somewhat off-topic but does have an audio connection. Maybe someone here knows enough to provide information. Maybe someone knows of a smartphone forum or other site that is likely to have more information. I tried a couple of smartphone forums turned up with a general web search and neither worked properly. I could register but not get much further, let along get and information.

My htc one phone is 4G LTE, which supposedly means it should still work properly with the network changes being done to accommodate 5G. One day voice mail was normal, starting the next day I receive what seems to be a busy signal when I called it. After several days of this I contacted my carrier’s support. After half an hour or so of trying to “reset” voice mail for my account, I was told my phone was not compatible with the latest network upgrade.

I ask why? And how could I know if another phone would work? (aside from the new 5G ones. I have no need for 5G and certainly cannot afford the 5G phones being offered.) I was told my phone is not HD complaint and that is why it cannot connect with voice mail.

I found an article which proposed to tell readers what HD voice complaint means. It explained various thing about audio quality but also said it would be difficult to find a smartphone that was not HD complaint “these days”. The article was written in 2012.

The copyright date on the htc one’s user manual is 2014, which maybe means the phone was made in 2014 or later. In the phone’s Settings, to turn either On or OFF, is something labeled “Beats Audio”. It isn’t mentioned in the user manual but I am guessing it has to do with audio quality for people who play music on their phone. Either On of Off makes no difference in (not) reaching voice mail.

I hope to get a refurbished phone, if I truly need a new phone.

Anyway, is “not HD voice complaint” a reasonable explanation of why the phone can’t connect to voice mail but otherwise seems ok?

Looking at a few phone ads, with descriptions of why someone might want to buy the phone, I see no mention of this characteristic so how can I tell if I am buying a useful phone, assuming HD voice complaint is really relevant?

Re: not compatible with network update

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They're probably requiring VoLTE now. Although this is not a telephony forum, it may be reasonable to discuss some issues here.

Re: not compatible with network update

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VOLTE  is certainly more information than I been able to find in the last few days. Doing a general search, I find that it supposedly is implemented on most recent phones but may need to be turned on. 4G LTEI is indicated on my phone but I can't find VOLTE anywhere in the settings.

If it is indeed available on most recent phones, maybe I can find a refurbished phone that will work. It would be convenient to know if there is an easy way to know from the generally available information in most phone ads.

Re: not compatible with network update

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Anyway, is “not HD voice complaint” a reasonable explanation of why the phone can’t connect to voice mail but otherwise seems ok?
Possibly. "HD voice" covers a few independent features, so the voice mail service could be the only thing requiring a feature that either isn't present or is disabled on your phone.

how can I tell if I am buying a useful phone, assuming HD voice complaint is really relevant?
The easiest way is to get a list of compatible phones from your carrier, but maybe their technical support can tell you exactly which features to look for.

Re: not compatible with network update

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Probably all carriers are not the same but when I ask mine about a specific model I wanted to consider I was told I needed to provide certain unique information about an individual phone before they could say, as though characteristics and specifications might vary from phone to phone coming off the same assembly line. It does seem likely, however, that almost all phones manufactured in the last few years have the necessary specifications.

Re: not compatible with network update

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as though characteristics and specifications might vary from phone to phone coming off the same assembly line.
Are you looking at the actual model number, or just the model name? Most phones have several different models intended for different carriers, and they'll have different features depending on each carrier's requirements. There are at least half a dozen different "HTC One M7" models, for example. They could also be asking to make sure the phone is unlocked and not stolen, since issues with either of those will prevent the phone from working on their network.

Incidentally, depending on which model you have, you might be able to enable VoLTE support just by flashing the firmware. At worst, it could break your phone, but you were planning on buying another one anyway...

Re: not compatible with network update

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The phone I asked the carrier about is unlocked and claims

 “Compatible with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon networks.”
“Global Unlocked: use on any carrier.
GSM / CDMA Google Android Smartphone Compatible with all major U.S. carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T Mobile. It also works with prepaid carriers, including Cricket Wireless, Metro by T-Mobile, Simple Mobile, Total Wireless, Tracfone, Net10, Mint, Tracfone, and H2O.”

That covers the network I am using but beyond that I don’t know about potential differences.
Compatible with doesn’t necessarily mean compatible with the latest network upgrades and says nothing about being “compatible” with G5 in particular as it is not G5.

I may consider using the htc one as an audio player so I don’t want to destroy it.

Re: not compatible with network update

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Consider looking up which exact bands that particular model supports, and look up the band coverage in your area for your provider. That matters, too.

And as I said, even if you have the band coverage, if they're requiring Voice over LTE, there's not much you can do if your device lacks that.

Edit: Looks like you're off the hook for now if it's AT&T:

From a quick Google search on requiring VoLTE: "T-Mobile will require VoLTE for all phones starting January 2021, AT&T to follow suit in February 2022"

Re: not compatible with network update

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I finally found specifications that say the Motorola phone I am considering does have VoLTE capability. Since that seems to be more or less a universal requirement already or in the near future, it certainly would be easier if the specification was part of the advertising literature, or at least in the user manual, which is generally available as a download pdf, but maybe the fear is that it making it plain would just raise more question from too many potential customers.

Re: not compatible with network update

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Cricket just sent a text to me this week that after January 19, 2021, you cannot move a SIM card from one device to another that does not have HD voice. It will cause an interruption in service, they say. Also, in 2022 they will discontinue compatibility of non-HD Voice phones altogether. I have HTC Ones, and love them. The rare front facing speakers are awesome. I don't know why people don't go for these. People have to turn their phones around when listening to something, which IMO is foolish. From investigation, it looks like the M7 does not have HD voice from what I can see. The M8 (which stinks as a phone), and the M9 do have it. I am a huge fan of the HTC One M9. A great phone, and it has HD voice. I still have the M7 online now, and also an M9 (Cricket unlimited plan $25 per line for 4 phones). My suggestion is to get the M9 if you still want an HTC One. This one can accommodate an external SD card, unlike the M7. Just don't get the M8. I got one for my wife, and it was unstable and slow. I have though, tried to move over to phones that have a removable back so you can change the battery yourself. This way if you need a battery, you won't need to pay a phone technician to replace it, having to open it up with a heat gun. I brought a previous HTC One M9 in for this repair, and the camera didn't work after I got it back. Still cannot figure out what they did to it. They just had excuses. Maybe they destroyed it with static electricity. Two phones with removable batteries that I have bought for family members and have worked great are LG models: V10, and G5. Just make sure the phones are GSM unlocked, or AT&T if your a using Cricket. Many selections on EBAY, new and used. Never had a problem buying on there. Just check feedback, and return policies. Hope this helps! Cheers! ;D   Bill

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