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Semicolon in multivalue fields

The semicolon of multivalue fields in filenames is modified to comma with "File operations - Rename to...". I know that ; (semicolon) is not recommended for file names, but comma also. Is it possible to retain semicolon in filename, because of the possible later use with "Properties - Automatically fill values..."

Re: Semicolon in multivalue fields

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Semicolon is not a bad character, so I think there is more to it than just renaming. If you go into Properties and try to format field <FOO> from field <BAR> that has a visible semicolon, it becomes replaced with a comma there. (I haven't checked thoroughly if that goes for literal semicolons too.)

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Re: Semicolon in multivalue fields

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I'm not very familiar with foobar2000 renaming operation, but I think you should use the $meta_sep() function in the new name pattern. For example:
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Re: Semicolon in multivalue fields

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Thank you, works with:
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