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Flac.exe -V


How important the -V (--verify) setting is when ripping CD to FLAC with Exact Audio Copy -program?

I have ripped all of my CD -collection to Flac and I noticed that I haven't use the -V setting.

Do I have to re-rip all those CDs again with -V setting enabled or is it waste of time/useless?

There are many guides How-To-EAC-FLAC and "all" of them say that -V option is recommended, exept this:

[...] and output verification is unnecessarily enabled (-V): -6 -V -T "ARTIST=%artist%" [...]

I have Exact Audio Copy v1.1 with flac.exe v1.3.1.

Re: Flac.exe -V

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So, no need to re-rip, unless bad hardware (hidden) or paranoia ;)

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