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Phone Issues - Pixel 4

Hey guys,

I'm new to Foobar2000 and I love the desktop program. The phone program is great, too, when it works...

I've had issues where it randomly stops playing the songs (usually has no issue with the first 1-3 songs) and if I try to switch to a different song or album, it has a tendency to fail.

It does this strange 4 second silent start to the song; is says it started playing the song, goes to 4 seconds, then starts over again. If I switch to another song, still wont work. I can restart my phone and it begins working again, but it will freeze usually before I hit a the 6th or 7th song.

My wife also has Foobar on her Pixel 4 XL (I have just the 4) and she has the same issue.

Anyone know the problem? Maybe this is something I can fix easily in the settings? I love Foobar and just wish it would work consistently on my phone...

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