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Medieval CUE Splitter

Hi all,

I am reading some horror stories on this forum about Medieval CUE Splitter.

The program is not safe to use according to this thread:

I read the same on some other threads.

I have used this program (the old version 1.2) to split FLAC files.

Does this program do something with the source file? I'm affraid it might have changed something in the original FLAC files.

I wanna know for sure that the source files are untouched.

Thanks is advance.

Re: Medieval CUE Splitter

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To the best of my knowledge, it drops some samples at the output side.
It doesn't touch the input.


Re: Medieval CUE Splitter

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The program does have an option (enabled by default) to prevent overwriting of existing CUE, M3U and audio files.
With this option disabled it would be possible to destroy the original CUE file.
I would think Windows (and the file mask) would prevent an Image (audio) file from being overwritten.

Re: Medieval CUE Splitter

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Hmm, I remember using this program in the distant past before I discovered Cuetools. Does it lead to audible degradations or missing parts or is it just missing tiny parts e.g. at the border of tracks that are usually empty anyway?
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Re: Medieval CUE Splitter

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Given what a piece of cueshit it is, I don't want to even fire it up - but why should a tool used to split an image from a cuesheet, overwrite the image file with a new image file merged from the splits?
Oh, but it shouldn't behave the way it does in the first place, so why not ...

@JW82 , did you keep rip logs? Do image lengths match them?
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