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Topic: foobar geluid problemen (foobar sound problems) (Read 549 times) previous topic - next topic
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foobar geluid problemen (foobar sound problems)

goede middag

excuses als mijn bericht niet goed staat , ik zoek hulp
Ik maak al jaren lang met plezier gebruik van foobar !
Eergisteren een systeemherstel van de computer moeten doen en Foobar stond op C: dus helaas verdwenen, geen ramp de 1000den  liedjes heb ik op externe schijf staan.
Dus opnieuw op de computer gezet en liedjes weer aan het sorteren maaaarrrrrrr  afspelen is BAGGER : muziek goed hoorbaar maar zang heel ver weg op de achtergrond.
Waar en hoe kan ik dat veranderen via preferences neem ik aan ?
Ik heb weinig ervaring dus ben daar niet goed in

bij voorbaat bedankt

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good afternoon

apologies if my message is not right, I am looking for help
I have enjoyed using foobar for years!
The day before yesterday I had to do a system recovery of the computer and Foobar was on C: so unfortunately gone, no disaster the 1000s of songs I have on an external drive.
So put it back on the computer and sorting songs again, but playing it is dredging: music is audible but vocals very far away in the background.
Where and how can I change that via preferences I assume?
I have little experience so I'm not good at it

thanks in advance


Re: foobar geluid problemen (foobar sound problems)

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Thx for translating and understood, still busy on finding the reolution of this problem.

Re: foobar geluid problemen (foobar sound problems)

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What version of Foobar are you using?  What did you select as your output device?

Check the Windows Volume Mixer (right-click the "speaker" tray icon in the lower-right corner of your desktop) and be sure the slider for Foobar and System are all the way up.

Re: foobar geluid problemen (foobar sound problems)

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It sounds as if the system volume mixer has been set to a reduced volume level, from an older version, which had player to system volume synchronization enabled. This feature has been disabled by default now, and sometimes, depending on which version you have installed, the system mixer may not be correctly restored to maximum volume.

You'll want to secondary click (right click on right-hand oriented mouse) the speaker icon, and select your language equivalent for Open Volume mixer. Then locate foobar2000 and adjust its volume accordingly.

Re: foobar geluid problemen (foobar sound problems)

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Thank you it was probably due to  the output,  I downloaded wasapi  ( if I  spell it right ) and sound on computer is now ok !

Have to change or combinate headphones,  and "normal computer sound "system. . When I put my plug on a port an the computer it works fine with headphones and normal sound, but when i put my plug in the extern boxes it want work

I will have my son look for it , I probably miss something in the settings of this boxes
Strange because they are not new or recently changed , the only thing I did was recovery of the computer ( stupid of me I had to put foobar on an other disc)  so it was gone .

Uploading Foobar again gave this problems. , and sorry I dont know which version I have, I downloaded it from Foobar s own site.

Thank you all for helping me , I have Foobar for a very long time and never had problems like this ....
I will keep you posted.


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