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Foobar and Freedb Tagger

Using Foobar 2000 v1.6.2 on Windows 10 laptop.

Tried these instructions:-

Open Audio CD > Rip > CD drive At dialog Rip Audio CD. My Rip Audio CD dialog is not the same;-

missing is Verify with AccurateRip but more importantly does not open dialog "freedb tagger" only a text screen with message "No information found on server for files"  (MusicBrains lookup: Object not found") so cannot edit tagging info e.g. add Genre Classical.
Something must have got some info from somewhere as Artist, Album Title and track details are correct in Rip Audio CD dialog.

What am I doing wrong?

Any advice please?

Re: Foobar and Freedb Tagger

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AccurateRip was removed in 1.5.6 because it was using an obsolete API version, until such time as an updated tool can be developed. FreeDB is no longer a thing, and even though there are replacement servers, none of them support submissions, so they're permanently stuck on the last published version of the database.

Presumably it got some information either from MusicBrainz, or from the CD Text on the disc.


Re: Foobar and Freedb Tagger

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Thank you for your reply

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