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musicfolder with foobar shadow files

I do find a lot of "shadow" musicfiles 4Kb in my musiclibrary (see appendix). I can remove them without listening problems, but it is a hell of a job. Can I prefent Foobar making this "shadow" files. Is there a simple way to remove them. My PC works with Windows 10. I'm new on this forum and tried to find a topic for solution but it is to difficult to find. Maybe there are similar topics with a solution and maybe someone can give me a link.

Thanks for reading and helping, Bret.

Re: musicfolder with foobar shadow files

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My Foobar doesn't produce those files,
I only have seen this sort of files on drives that were also used by friends with macs.

Re: musicfolder with foobar shadow files

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Looks like MacOS-generated files. You got these via downloads? (Edit: Asking because, you are a Windows user, and who else than Mac users will want to have AIFFs?)

IIRC those "shadow" files just have hidden attributes. Are they visible in foobar2000? Then the best thing to do is (1) highlight them all, (2) verify integrity (they should not be good audio files, you don't want to throw away what is actual music), (3) Select -> File Operations -> Delete. Will delete them en bloc, not much hell of a job.

Also if these - the proper AIFFs - not the "shadows" - are standard PCM audio signals, there is no reason to use AIFF.
Convert them to FLAC - all the proper ones, that is - and then use foo_bitcompare to ensure that all decode to bit-exact the same as the AIFFs. Then you can delete everything AIFF afterwards.
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