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EAC 1.6: "Can't connect to MusicBrainz!" ??

I discovered I was using a very old version of EAC (1.2, IIRC) and updated to the latest I could find, 1.6, which had changes in it to accommodate the big changes in song information lookup databases these days.

Now whenever I try to get info from the provider "MusicBrainz" the popup window puts up an error message, saying "Can't connect to MusicBrainz!" - is this happening to anyone else?

The particularly weird thing about this is that the very first time I tried to use MusicBrainz as the provider, it apparently worked - it allowed me to get the track info for the disc and even search for a cover image. Now, I just get this error.

I would have asked this on the EAC forums, if there were still any official one.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Re: EAC 1.6: "Can't connect to MusicBrainz!" ??

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I checked EAC 1.5, 1.6 release candidates 1 and 2, and 1.6. I couldn't get the MusicBrainz plugin to show this error message (unless I disabled the Internet).


Re: EAC 1.6: "Can't connect to MusicBrainz!" ??

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No issues here either. Working fine.

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