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Hegel H390 dsd issue

I'm trying to setup my new amp/dac (H390)
For output I'm using DSD: XMOS USB Audio 2.0 ST
for input_sacd I've tried 1.2.3 and many of the older versions (today I'll try also the latest 1.2.4)
As a result I'm listening to DSD64 with everything OK, as for DSD128 I'm having always the same issue: the track starts but after 2"-3" the sound is lost, then after 4"-5" of silence the sound is coming back again and the same thing continues again and again

any thoughts?


Re: Hegel H390 dsd issue

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The solution has been found.
In the device properties of the H390, I had to enter the max bits and update rate.
Now everything works fine!

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