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Library Selection Playlist Sort Order

The library selection playlist always shows its items sorted alphabetically by %title%. Where can I change this to %tracknumber% (as most of us would expect it to work) ?

Re: Library Selection Playlist Sort Order

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Preferences / Shell Integration / Sort incoming files by

there you can put %tracknumber% at the first place and customize how sorting should be
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Re: Library Selection Playlist Sort Order

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If Album List is browsing "by folder structure" it sorts based on the path. So it would depend how your files are named. In this case you should consider naming files by %tracknumber% first -

Code: [Select]
M:\Music\%artist%\%album%\%discnumber%.%tracknumber% - %title%.flac

Or use any of the other tag-based views such as "by artist" - for these, Album List sorts based on the view pattern.

(Note: Default playlist sorting is done by the library viewer - different components would have their own preferences page with sort options)

Re: Library Selection Playlist Sort Order

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Thank you both  :)

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