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[TOS 6] Someone expert in clicks?

I have this song [link removed] aka, black goku/zamasu merged theme, and it has a clear click in 1:16 min, if someone can fix it i would be grateful

Re: [TOS 6] Someone expert in clicks?

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Are you trolling? What is this topîc doing on this forum? How is this relevant to Foobar2000?

Re: [TOS 6] Someone expert in clicks?

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this was solved, j7n help me with this in private

please close or delete the thread, I came here for help because I know that there are very experienced users in audio editing

Re: [TOS 6] Someone expert in clicks?

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Still, read the forum rules before posting. They are there for a reason. Next time you have a similar issue search for audacity forum (or similar).

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