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Intermittent skips playing music files

I have an intermittent skip issue when playing files from a dedicated audio PC to my PS Audio DAC JR. Running Windows 10.  There is at least one skip in every file, sometimes 2 or 3. Im using ASIO, and the buffer is set at 1060ms. I’ve jumped the buffer setting around a bit, but that has not helped. Also, I was instructed to run LatencyMon, and it showed no issues on my PC.  Any ideas?

I updated to the latest version of FooBar a few days ago, thinking that might help the issue.

Re: Intermittent skips playing music files

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I got my audio PC from a guy on an audio forum I’m a member of, and he set up FooBar on it. It has performed very nicely and sounds fantastic with my DAC. The skip problem has only recently started. He has a bunch of output choices on it, including 4 different WASAPI options. I’ve tried several of the WASAPI outputs with the same results.  But, I will check to see if any of the choices I have are the one you suggested, and if not, download it. Thank you!

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