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1.6.2 - Bug with the converter setup option

I'm trying to re-encode flac files to flac with another compression level from FB. I've selected "Overwrite" if file already exists and "Source track folder" in the Destination options.  But after re-encoding I find myself with new files with the same name with a number (1) in addition.  The files are therefore not overwritten.

Also I'v tested "Ask" option but nothing was asked, the output of files is the same as the "Overwrite" option.

Re: 1.6.2 - Bug with the converter setup option

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That's a countermeasure, as you cannot overwrite a file that is being used as the input source for the conversion. That's very sensible because if something goes wrong during the conversion process, you would end up with a broken new encoding that just has replaced your old working input file.

The "Overwrite" and "Ask" options do work if the destination of the converted file is different from the source folder. So if you reencode a file to a different folder and you then need to redo the encoding, the existing file at the destination either gets overwritten (Overwrite) or you will be prompted whether to overwrite (Ask).

Re: 1.6.2 - Bug with the converter setup option

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Ok, thank you for your reply, I will continue to re-encode my files via the command line, because it is possible with the flac binary.

The commande i use on linux:
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flac --compression-level-6 --no-replay-gain --force *.flac

It's a shame not to have a forcing function like with the flac binary, as well as the possibility to add  our command line to the flac codec options in the settings of foobar  ;)

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