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Strange New Video Rendering Bug Since 1.62

The problem is not so easy to explain in text so I've included a link and an embed of a video demonstrating the issue.  In a nutshell... I noticed today that if I click on the menu bar anywhere, video rendering of all Foobar elements and windows kind of "glitch out" (with exception of audio, which remains unaffected).  So then I tried holding down the left mouse click longer, and everything just freezes all together.  Also if I click on any external visualizer window that's not socketed into the main window but open in a separate window, it will do the same thing, in fact even if I have a sub window open like Settings or something like Title Format Sandbox, same behaviour occurs. 

Currently I don't see this as a huge problem, but it is rather annoying and could possibly be the sign of something that should maybe be fixed/investigated.  Honestly I've been up all day coding for like 18 hours and I'm just too wiped to look into much more tonight, but if anyone has any ideas on how I should go about debugging this let me know and I'll do my best.  Thanks for your time!  :)

In case the uploaded video doesn't work right on here, I've also uploaded it to my youtube channel as unlisted, help yourself.

YOUTUBE LINK HERE ==> Video Illustrating The Behaviour

Anyone else having this problem as of late?  Thanks again for your time, hope everyone is safe and well :D

Woofity woof woof.  There... I did it! Are you happy now??? ;)

Re: Strange New Video Rendering Bug Since 1.62

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Another observation....

In addition I noticed another graphical glitch, if smooth scrolling is enabled, while scrolling anything in Foobar, all graphical elements freeze during scrolling and resume when scrolling stops.  If I DISABLE smooth scrolling, this behaviour is corrected and things no longer freeze, all other causes of the freezing still remain (grabbing a window, tapping on menu bar, holding menu bar, moving undocked foobar windows, etc.)

Woofity woof woof.  There... I did it! Are you happy now??? ;)

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