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Album Art with On-Screen Display

Hi Everyone

New Poster here, running v1.3.2 on Windows.  I'm currently using the On-Screen Display plugin to do Artist Info over background video, playing in VLC.;sa=tmpattach;attach=post_tmp_136675_a655b885b1ce2369e0ad3723ecd33fd3;topic=0

Does anyone know of a way I can also get the Album Art on there?  OSD doesn't seem to have art support.  I was thinking of setting up an alternate layout and using "Always on Top," but this seems cumbersome to implement, and I would prefer to hide the titlebar of the window.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Album Art with On-Screen Display

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Hi there,

You can do that with foo_title (Titlebar) though you'd have to write some XML - see the documentation for what it looks like. Also have a look at the example gallery of skins to see how they work. A basic album art + track info would be pretty simple in comparison without needing to place any background graphics - though in my experience it always takes a bit of trial and error (position layer, reload skin, re-position layer, repeat...)

Edit: You'd need to upgrade foobar too, 1.3.2 is pretty ancient.


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