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Exclude folder name from the media library

So this question is rather banal.

Almost every album folder in my music library contains a folder called .info which contains cue/images/extras etc...
Is it possible to exclude all these folders with this specific file name? And if do, how?



Re: Exclude folder name from the media library

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Hi there,

You can only exclude files (not folders) on that Preferences page. So excluding a .CUE there would exclude them from entire library.

Other two options, 1) make the folder(s) hidden in Windows Explorer so they are not indexed - probably not ideal with so many folders. 2) Exclude showing that folder name from the library viewer with title formatting. Technically the folder would still be searchable and in the library, just not show up in the library view. Example -

Code: [Select]

^ Change %artist% to whichever custom view pattern (for Album List) or column (for Facets/Filters). This would not work if using the default "by folder structure" view however.


Re: Exclude folder name from the media library

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Oh.. that is a shame 😢 Ok then I guess what makes sense for me is just to white list all the files I want to include. 😀

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