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Start play Automatically

I have already added a entry like: and i hear what i need.
1) Can Foobar, when it is loaded, start automatically the up entry ? yes !solved with :Configure--playback---save playback state.... on !
2) How I can load Foobar MINIMIZED AS ICO with a dos batch? Or load it with Windows as minimized ? 

Thanks very much !

Re: Start play Automatically

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Use command line switch -

Code: [Select]
foobar2000.exe /hide

Thanks vey much ! Checked it : i'm happy !

However i'm corius about:
Note: it loads to the system tray if you have 'Minimize hides, close exits' selected in Preferences > Display > Default UI > Background and Notifications.
As User UI i see only (see attached) "Default UI
Again thanks !


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