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Topic: Windows 10- how to auto resample SPDIF input or is there an interface that does? (Read 271 times) previous topic - next topic
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Windows 10- how to auto resample SPDIF input or is there an interface that does?

I'm on Windows 10 64 bit, and recently got this interface It appears that it is one of several clones with different cases available, all about the same price range.

I was looking specifically for one with SPDIF input so I can mix the output from the Chromecast Audio into my PC and that's one of the few that has it and is inexpensive. Analog output from the Chromecast is very noisy in my setup. For the most part it's working fine.

I ran into a bit of an annoyance though, Google Podcasts appears to stream at 44.1 kHz and Youtube Music at 48 kHz, so I have to manually change the input sample rate on Windows Sound options for that device or the mismatch causes pitch change and artifacts. Is there a way to have Win 10 resample the digital input? I have already tried disabling exclusive mode. The volume level for the input interface in its Windows Sound panel works, so it's not using exclusive mode anyway it seems, it's just not resampling the input properly.

If it's not possible does anyone know an (preferably inexpensive) interface that does?

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