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Exec Script Upon Song Change?

I searched all through the menu items, but I am not finding a way to execute a script when a new song starts playing.  Is it possible to do this?

What I wish to do is execute the following script when a new track begins playback from a playlist:

Code: [Select]
COMMAND:View/Playlist view/Activate now playing

I wish to do this to move the playlist to the currently playing song.  This does not currently happen by default, and I must manually choose the menu item Activate now playing.

Re: Exec Script Upon Song Change?

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Hi there,

Why do it that way? Can you just enable Playback menu > Cursor Follows Playback ?

Re: Exec Script Upon Song Change?

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Thanks for responding.  I was not sure what that did actually.  I did have that turned on in the past, but I see it is off now.  Sometimes I encounter weird issues with the waveform seekbar component, and I thought turning that off may help.

I will turn this on and check if this is resolved now.


Re: Exec Script Upon Song Change?

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This resolved the issue.  Thanks again.   The playlist selection now changes to the currently played track.

The wave seek component is also behaving for me.  It may have been a buggy Windows 10 update that caused the issue.  There have been many of those.

Re: Exec Script Upon Song Change?

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If you refer to the original Waveform Seekbar, yes it is an old component that does not always render new track waveforms for me. Have to restart foobar sometimes. Once the waveforms are cached it works fine.

(I keep using it though because I prefer how it looks)

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