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1.6.2 beta change log

Beta 2
  • Fixed missing .webp in stub image picker.
  • Fixed bugs in new image viewer window.
  • Improved Album List performance when selecting lots of item.s

Beta 3
  • Attempted fixes for new default output not working on some machines.
  • Additional output status logging to console.

Beta 4
  • More fixes for new default output not working on some machines,
  • Correct too quiet Windows Mixer volume on first run.

Beta 5
  • Fixed crash when trying to open a non-existent 7-zip archive.
  • Playback queue item limit increased to 256.

Beta 6
  • Fixed wrong error message/status when trying to open a non-existent RAR archive.
  • More default output error logging.
  • Crash if stuck trying to update tags of now playing file for more than one minute, in order to generate crash reports of an apparent rare bug. This change will be reverted for the final version.

Beta 7
  • Fixed incompatibilities with certain bluetooth headsets introduced in 1.6.1.
  • Fixed incorrect handling of embedded pictures in Speex tags.
  • Fixed incorrect info shown for IMA ADPCM in Matroska.
  • Fixed no error message on failure to update embedded pictures if embedding of pictures is not supported for this file type. (beta 7)

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