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Topic: v1.6.2 beta 4 Save Playback State Not Working (Read 221 times) previous topic - next topic
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v1.6.2 beta 4 Save Playback State Not Working

I updated to v1.6.1 to experience lock-up issues during playback.  I never experienced this with my previous version of v1.5.6.

With the issue above, I installed the latest beta available at the time:  v1.6.2 beta 4.  This version has not locked up for me so far, but when I close foobar while it is playing a playlist, it now no longer restarts where it left off upon starting it again.

I am now seeing a newer beta available.  I will download and install this now to see if this feature has returned.

Re: v1.6.2 beta 4 Save Playback State Not Working

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If you experience a lock-up, please make a process memory dump of a locked-up foobar2000 instance with Process Explorer and share it for me to look into.
Other than that, resuming playback where it left is not enabled by default; if you made a fresh install, you need to toggle it on under Preferences / Playback.

Re: v1.6.2 beta 4 Save Playback State Not Working

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Thank you.

This time I was not able to reproduce the previous issue and playback resumed as expected.  I believe I recall others also posting about crash issues, so it is possible the my lock-up was resolved with the beta updates.

Everything is working as expected for me now.

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