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Topic: Organizing music (playlists) on NAS and playing from different devices (Read 83 times) previous topic - next topic
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Organizing music (playlists) on NAS and playing from different devices

Hi there,

I am coming back to foobar after a long time, organizing and expanding my music library.

All my music is stored on NAS and I will be playing from different devices. I know I can install foobar on all devices, map the NAS shares, and just play but... My main requirement is to have playlists, ratings, and tags on a central location so they will be synced across all devices. I guess rating and tags are part of metadata so that won't be an issue, but playlists?

Any ideas if this is possible, can foobar be configured to store playlists on a network location? Also, is it storing playlists in a standard format that can be read by another player?

I can install Logitech Media Center on my NAS, but I am not sure if this will be of any help?

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