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DUI Album List sorting

The structure of my media library is one file for album. Usually it is one .flac with embedded cue and cover.

When I create a view rule for the Album List as
%album artist%|%date% %album%
It looks good and this is what I need. In the media library I don't select tracks, but only albums.


But if I send these albums to a playlist I got this


So for proper sorting I need to modify the view rule to
%album artist%|%date% %album%|%track number% %title%
Then it works fine.

Could this be fixed? So that you don't have to create rule with tracks.
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Re: DUI Album List sorting

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Yes unfortunately Album List has always sorted like that if there is no track number in the view or path.

In the meantime you could perhaps use Library Tree instead which can hide tracks or sort without displaying tags.

Re: DUI Album List sorting

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you could perhaps use Library Tree instead
Thanks. But this is too big for a simple album tree. I might want to use the javascript panel if I decided to change the entire player interface, not just a small part of it. :)

I'll hope that Peter can take time to look at this behavior someday.
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