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Some crashes during playlist manipulation.

For some time now I've been experiencing some strange crashes when trying to remove certain items from playlists but I wasn't able to put my finger on what I was doing exactly.
But just now, I was listening to some files from a 7z archive (vgm tracks), and I decided to delete. I haven't tried deleting from playlist since I assume it won't work at this point, so I used the "open containing folder" and deleted the archive manually. When I tried to remove the corresponding entries from the playlists, just selecting them sent foobar crashing into the ground.
I'm not sure the previous crashes had the same, similar or related cause, but I'm guessing there might be something there.

┬┐Has anyone seen this too?

EDIT: OK, it seems to be related to the art display panel in the default UI. I have a little tabbed element where I switch between several things, one of them being art display. If that one is active, selecting this orphaned playlist entry causes the crash, but with the other tabs there's no problem.

I tried the same files extracted and the files or even the folder being missing didn't cause any trouble.
Also tried archiving files in other formats, like flac and mp3, and, indeed, deleting the actual archives from the FS caused foobar to crash if the art display tab is active.

So it seems the art display element doesn't like missing archives.

Re: Some crashes during playlist manipulation.

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Thanks for reporting, matching crash report found. A fix will be out shortly.

Re: Some crashes during playlist manipulation.

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Fixed in 1.6.2 beta 5.

Re: Some crashes during playlist manipulation.

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Excelent, thank you.

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